Cost Benefit Analysis of the Massage Chair


It is a known fact that a massage every once in a while is something that everybody would love to have the privilege of enjoying. The lives we lead in the current world are very stressful. The cost of living is through the roof and supporting ourselves and loved ones has become a full time job. It has gotten to the point where people literally no longer have time for themselves. They have to hustle day and night just to make sure that their basic needs are met. Things are thick and everyone is feeling the pressure. This does not mean that one cannot get the chance to enjoy and relax their body every once in a while. This should actually be a priority. One way to be able to do that is through buying a massage chair for your home.

That statement might have shocked you. You must be thinking that you can barely afford your life as it is, where are you supposed to get money to buy the massage chair? At this point is where I will advise you to change your thinking and therefore your perception. We are commonly told that you are confined by the walls that you build for yourself. It is now time to actually break down those walls. You have to forever change the way you think of buying a massage chair. The cost benefit analysis done below can assist you to do just that.

To begin with, let us address the issue of the cost of buying the massage chair itself. There is no denying that it can be a bit high depending on the amount of money that you earn and the budget that you have to work with. This does not however mean that you cannot get the chair. There are quite a number of options that you can consider. You can get a good deal on a good second hand chair, you can get a good brand new chair that is on sale, you can get a good brand new chair and pay for it in installments, you can copay for the chair with a  spouse, roommate or friend; the options are endless. You just need to be ready to shift your thinking and conduct research on what the market is offering you.

Now despite all the options that have been mentioned above, it is still a fact that you will have to spend a good amount of money on buying the massage chair. With the tough economic times, any amount of money is good money. It does not matter how much it is. That being said, you need to be able to see what you will be getting for the money that you are spending and how it will ultimately help you. Let us begin with the simple fact that getting the chair will help you to save on lots of time  and money. With the chair in your home, you can get the massage anytime you want/. You can get the massage as many times as you want to. The time that you spend on the chair will be dictated by yourself; you will be the boss of it all.

Comparing the situation to the lack of a massage chair, you will have to spend large sums of time and money just to get a massage. You will have to visit a massage parlor to be able to enjoy the massage. This means that you will incur costs of calling to book they appointment, the fuel or commuting costs that you will spend to get to the massage parlor and of course the cost of the massage itself.  Commuting to and from the massage parlor will also cost you time. You will have to set aside a minimum of a  good three hours of your day to get the massage. Remember that you will also probably just enjoy the massage for just one hour with the other two hours spent commuting. If you want to enjoy the massage for longer periods, you will have to pay more money. Now let’s compare this with having the chair at home and getting to enjoy massages anytime you want for as long as you want and not having to deal with commuting time; isn’t the cost worth it?

Best Massage Chairs Review

Shopping for a massage chair especially for first time buyers can be a stress inducing process, which is a complete irony considering that their principal function is reliving stress and providing comfort. This results from the immense number of massage chairs in the market, the often misleading reviews and of cause the confusing hefty price tags.

For a new buyer out there, this guide will prove useful as it cuts through all the confusion to present potential buyers with the best massage chairs and their advantages to avoid buying a chair that won’t serve the buyers intended purpose. Let’s now get started.


Zero gravity shiatsu massage chair

Zero gravity shiatsu finds its place in this list due to the fact that it’s packed full of functionality and the chair is under $1000. The design of the chair was inspired from NASA research where an astronaut sit in a space craft in the zero gravity position. Using this idea, the chair is engineered to help distribute the weight of the user across the chair. It does this by measuring the weight of the body and height and automatically adjusts the rollers positions to accommodate the individual dimensions irrespective of the height or weight.


  • Heating functionality
  • Remote control
  • Zero gravity seating position capability
  • Wide range of functionality for this price point
  • Features airbags for the forearms and wrist which is an added advantage for the budget price
  • Two sets of wheels for mobility and reasonable dimensions


  • Complicated remote interface
  • Noisy airbags
  • Made of mainly plastic materials covered with ersatz leather


Kahuna massage chair recliner

Massage chairs are known to take up considerable space and therefore this is one of the aspects that customers concentrate on when evaluating the available options. Kahuna LM6800 finds its place in this review due to its space saving technological design. Unlike other massage chairs, when you recline in the chair for a massage session, the chair pivots on its base. This means you only require about three to four inches space allowance between the wall and the backrest. The chair is well established in the massage chair niche as a result and you will find very genuine positive customer reviews.

The chair is packed with several features the most prominent being heating therapy and the three stage zero gravity seating position. The chair is slightly higher up in the price continuum but it’s with the various features and the space-saving technology, it’s worth the price.


  • The yoga mode that enables shoulders stretching, neck and pelvis area
  • Excellent massage performance with L-track system of roller that allows for numerous deep massage
  • Space saving design which allows the chair to fit in small spaces than other chairs in the market
  • Zero gravity seating position that enables weight distribution
  • Integrated airbags for the forearms and wrists
  • In-built heating pads along the calves and lower back
  • 3 years and above warrant


  • The chairs remote control is somehow complicated and may be quite confusing although the manuals are well detailed enough.
  • Assembly is complex and may require a white grove service which is offered to users at an added cost
  • The airbags feature on the shoulder pads can be noisy especially due to their location near the head.

INADA flex 3s massage chair

There is no denying that Inada chair is costly beginning from $4500 upwards. However, looking at its features will convince you that it’s worth the price. The chair uses 3D rollers that have the ability to move inwards by use of airbags attached to the roller arms. This feature allows user to customize the amount of pressure the rollers exert at different locations of the body.

The amount of research that Inada chairs manufacturer puts is what sets them apart. The fact that it’s one of the oldest names in the massage chair industry and still have their quality intact is enough assurance of premium performance to the user.


  • Excellent full body massage performance
  • Shoulder pads give the best alternative of human hands impression
  • Lumber support and headsets that are detachable
  • Well planned preset and an intuitive user interface
  • Strongly built quality and a good warranty coverage


  • Does not have lower back heating which many customers consider a must have feature
  • Doesn’t have zero gravity position feature